Things I Like To Teach

What we believe about the Bible and how we read it significantly affects our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. That is why I am passionate about teaching this subject. My approach to teaching is Ignatian. That means, I believe learning is experiential, reflective, transformative, and leads to action. As much as possible, I incorporate discussion and activity in classes. For more information, contact me at

    • How to Read the Bible (learning how to read and interpret Scripture; practical approaches)
    • What is the Bible? (introduction to the Bible, broad overview)
    • Making Sense of the Old Testament (overview of the Old Testament or emphasis on a particular book)
    • Making Sense of the New Testament (overview of the the New Testament or emphasis on a particular book)
    • Why is There Violence in the Bible and Other Hard Questions You Always Wanted to Ask (one barrier to reading and benefiting from Scripture is how to make sense of difficult passages. This class offers helpful interpretive approaches with particular attention to the Old Testament.)
    • The Shaping of a Life: Personal and Communal Effects of Bible Reading  (this process oriented discussion explores how we have been shaped in childhood and/or adulthood by immersion in Bible-reading cultures and communities. This can include both positive and negative experiences. Attention is given to how our belief systems have developed and the specific ways they impact our lives on an experiential level.)
    • The Bible Tells Me So: Appropriating Ethics from Scripture (an advanced level discussion on different ways individuals and communities draw ethics from the Bible; social, cultural, and spiritual effects)