Same-Sex Relationships, God, and the Search for Truth

Over the Christmas holiday last year, my sister and I were driving to an antique shop with teenage nieces in the back seat when she turned to me and asked, “Did you know Jen Hatmaker decided to accept gay marriage? I don’t understand her theology. Can you explain it?” I was grateful for her question and interest in a challenging topic. As a biblical scholar, who also researches sexuality, I am frequently asked what Scripture says about same-sex relationships. So, I decided to write a blog series for folk like my sister. But I also hope it will be helpful to people regardless of theological position.

UPDATE: I am happy to announce that the publisher WB Eerdmans has offered me a book contract! Since some material from my blog series will be incorporated into that book, understandably, I had to remove certain posts from the web. However, the response to my blog series was very positive. Many people found that it explained the issues in a way they had not heard before, while also being very accessible to the everyday reader. This is a book that will change the conversation on same-sex relationships.

UPDATE: The book is hitting the shelves in fall 2018. For more information go to my new website at I am no longer posting on this blog site. Thanks!

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