Same-Sex Relationships, God, and the Search for Truth

Over the Christmas holiday last year, my sister and I were driving to an antique shop with teenage nieces in the back seat when she turned to me and asked, “Did you know Jen Hatmaker decided to accept gay marriage? I don’t understand her theology. Can you explain it?” As a biblical scholar, who also researches sexuality, I am frequently asked what Scripture says about same-sex relationships. So, I decided to write this series for evangelical Christians like my sister. But I also hope it will be helpful to people regardless of theological position.

You might wonder whether there is anything more to say. This topic has been turned over and dissected ad nauseam. But the recent internet explosion over influential pastor Eugene Peterson’s support then retraction of gay marriage (as I was working on this series) demonstrates unresolved tension within the Body of Christ. We are still seriously wrestling with this issue. Yet, too often parties in the debate lack an understanding of why the other side believes as it does. We also tend to rehash the same outdated arguments even though scholarly conversation has more to offer. So, if we are going to engage in a meaningful discussion, we should have one that centers on the crux of the matter and incorporates up to date research. I hope this series will contribute to that endeavor and help move the conversation forward.

The following five post series is intended to be read in order. Each essay is essential for understanding the full picture. The series will be available in a single PDF booklet for download once all posts are published.

1.  The Conservative Church’s Response to the Gay Community: A Historical Perspective

2.  Homoeroticism in Israelite and Early Jewish/Christian Thought

3.  Key Arguments in the Debate on Same-Sex Relationships

4.  How Should the Bible Be Used for Ethical Practice?

5.  The Question of Celibacy for Gay and Lesbian People


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